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  • We are a group of former teachers who taught French, German and computer science in secondary schools in Geneva.
  • We all have at heart to defend our language and to prevent as much as possible its worrying deterioration through linguistic blunders, such as the so-called inclusive writing (vacciné-e-s, habitant-e-s), which is officially banned in French schools, or cumbersome words (celles et ceux, les étudiantes et les étudiants) which are nothing but barbarisms, and the impoverishment of common vocabulary.
  Websites worth a little visit:  
  - efficient school timetables with Untis Suisse romande  
  - theatre with L’AUTRE CIE, independent theatre company based in Geneva  
  - more theatre with the CIE LES MINUSCULES, founded in Geneva by Charlotte Dumartheray, Léonie Keller and Manon Krüttli  
- a Geneva-based actress brimming with energy and talent: Léonie
  - a Geneva-based speech therapist specialising in early childhood education: Cyrielle  
  - learning Spanish in Guatemala with INEPAS  
  - rare and unusual objects at ShopEdt  
  - in the heart of Geneva's old town since 1839, the bookshop librairie Jullien  
  - presentation of quality figurative artists on the site AF  


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